Dr. V's Angel Live Retreat Coming up in November 2022.
Live in Cape Town
3 Days retreat happening live in capetown
" Angels have been around me my entire life. They were a constant part of my life as a child. Over the last four decades they have come and gone in my awareness."
-Dr Veerle Van Tricht

Some of what this training will cover

An open Air Retreat Masterclass With Dr. V
Learning how to fly/astral travelling
How to make everyday count with the help of angels
How to get Healed from diseases with Angel's Help

Angels don't only dwell in heaven

This course will be an eye opener for you on how you can daily interact with your angels and understand their operations. You are not meant to struggle with some certain things but you only need little tips to move your life forward.

Discover your God's given purpose with the help of Angels

You should take this course if you are not enjoying your current job and you feel it is not getting you fulfilled. Truly the purpose of life is a life of purpose. With the help of Angels course you will discover your God's given purpose and in the end fulfilled.

Angels can help you to locate your soul mate

Angels can lead you to your soul mate who will care about you and enjoy a happy relationship together . I will be showing you step by step ways on how this is done in the spirit realm and the energy that draws you both together. If you are currently struggling in your relationships, angels are available to unleash the facts about your partner that can connect you better but you need to know how it works.

Understand how to get natural healings through the help of Angels

You are not made to be an average person , you are created in the likeness of God and you should rule over every creatures. I will be explaining to you in this class how you can attract the angels to heal you of some certain infirmities or influence divine healing on your loved ones.

Truly there are angels and there are spirits

You can make everyday of your life count more by understanding the dynamics of the operations of the angels and spirit world. All these divine gifts are for the benefits of human kinds but only few can relate. This retreat is going to take you more further in understanding more about beauty of all supernatural endowments.
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